Expectations and Prospects of Managers of American Companies for 2022 – Barometer of American Companies in Portugal

AmCham Portugal, in partnership with PwC, as a Knowledge Partner, prepared, within the scope of the Barometer of American Companies in Portugal, a survey among those responsible for American companies, to gauge their expectations and perspectives for 2022, which answered 32 responses from the various sectors of activity.

Two years after the start of the pandemic and the global economy began to move towards recovery, an increase in world GDP of 4.9% is anticipated.

However, the new situation, of conflict between Russia and Ukraine, requires a reassessment, ideas too, a fact that must be considered when we look at the results obtained in this barometer, carried out at the end of 2021.

Despite this, relations between the US, China and Russia, which were ranked 3rd in the ranking of geostrategic issues with the greatest impact on business, considering current events may have another expression. The same would apply with migratory movements.

Notwithstanding, the survey data carried out, 59% of the surveys consider that the economic activity in their companies is already similar to those recorded before the pandemic – 28% when looking at the sector in which they are inserted. As for Portugal, the prospects are in the medium and long term, with 47% indicating that accreditation will only be recovered in 2023, and 25% this data.

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Barometer of American Companies in Portugal – 2020

The “Barometer of American Companies in Portugal”, which is a second edition, is a study that results from a partnership between AmCham and PwC and which seeks to reflect on the relevance of American companies in the Portuguese economy and on their financial evolution in the last three years.

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This Barometer is addressed to the business, political, legislative and academic world and, in general, to all people interested in FDI issues and transatlantic economic and business relations.

The study that we now present analyzes American investment in Portugal and seeks to characterize, through an analysis of various economic/financial indicators, the American companies that operate in Portugal and the weight they represent in the Portuguese economy.

The realization and publication of an objective analysis of the current situation of American companies in Portugal is an initiative to which we attach great importance and which we believe can be considered when deciding on policies to attract and retain foreign direct investment.