Specialized Commissions

Specialized Commissions

To assist it in carrying out its functions, AmCham’s Board of Directors created a series of Specialized Commissions as consultative bodies.


Technology and inovation

Mission: In a current socio-economic context still marked by some uncertainty, this committee should develop an activity plan focused on the importance for organizations to adopt innovative technologies to identify new ways to respond to the challenges of consumers, employees and the market. The objective will be to become more resilient, creating a long-term vision and ensuring a competitive advantage in the future.

AI, Data and Cybersecurity

Mission: Business limits continue to expand beyond the organization – thanks to accelerated digitization, greater connectivity and migration to the cloud – so it is critical that cybersecurity and data management be embedded throughout the value chain. This committee will work with the Board on an action plan that reinforces this holistic approach in order to guarantee organizations more agility to adapt to any future impacts in a scenario of constantly evolving threats.

Energy Transition

Mission: The Energy Transition is currently one of the great national and global goals, with countries working towards the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, associating economic value with sustainability. In a context marked by the strengthening of this commitment to the decarbonization of energy systems, this commission should bring to the debate measures and policies aligned with these purposes.


Mission: Stakeholders demand more environmental, social and governance (ESG) efforts, regulations become increasingly strict and consumers increasingly expect brands to be exemplary. This commission should promote debate and concrete actions by the associates in order to demonstrate their purpose in relation to sustainability, ethics and responsibility in everything they do. It should also encourage collaboration between companies, government and society for the benefit of all.

Education and I&D

Mission: The talent challenge is transversal to all businesses and industries and this is a key moment in which the attraction and retention of the best professionals is a critical factor for success. This commission should promote the approximation of AmCham to the Academy and R&D entities, designing an activity plan that promotes the debate on the biggest challenges that organizations currently face in terms of resources and how national talent can be even more competitive in the global context.

Health and Biotechnology

Mission: In just two years, the world has changed due to a global pandemic, and it was evident that in a time of crisis, health and the preservation of human life prevails over any other interest. This commission’s mission will be to reflect on the role of health institutions and the impact of biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals in the search for more precise, innovative and effective treatments, considering the challenges that may arise in terms of greater social and economic inequalities.

Tourism and Leisure

Mission: As this sector begins its journey back to growth, key players need to reflect and find creative ways to succeed in the present and future. This commission should launch the debate on this new reality of the industry, which should combine the pragmatism of reality with creativity to seize new opportunities, as it regains the confidence of travelers and defines adaptable cost models that allow them to invest in growth.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Mission: This commission shall reinforce AmCham’s commitment to inspire and act towards a more just and equitable society. Its mission will be to unite associates and society in a plan of initiatives related to diversity and inclusion, promoting a culture in which everyone feels they have equal opportunities, guaranteeing non-discrimination based on gender, disability, religion, sexual orientation, culture or ethnicity.