AmChams Europe Best Practice Conference 2022

AmChams Europe Best Practice Conference 2022

Last week, our Secretary General Graça Didier attended the AmCham 2022 Best Practice Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria.

37 representatives of 26 AmChams across Europe and Euroasia shared their best practices and ideas among peers by discussing challenges, sharing experiences, learning, and debating to ensure the highest possible standards of their operations. 

AmCham  representatives also had the opportunity to meet the Bulgarian business community and attended the AmChampion Awards Gala Event, at which the announcement of the members of the AmCham community that have been most engaged in their initiatives over the past year took place.

Therefore, it was an authentic pleasure to gather with our colleagues to share best practices and to collectively thrive as an organization.

AmChampion Awards

Keynote speaker at the AmChampion Awards Gala Dinner: Susan Danger, Chair – AmChams in Europe and CEO of AmChamEU

Speech Highlights

“Respect for human dignity, the rule of law and democracy are the basis for a strong political and cultural partnership. Grounded by these principles, Europe and the US have a closer relationship today than they’ve had in years. American businesses committed to Europe are counting on that relationship now more than ever.

Looking ahead, Europe, the US and indeed, the world face many other political, economic and environmental challenges…Only by working together can governments on both sides of the Atlantic create a stable economic environment in which we can all work and live. We need our leaders in business and government to invest in the technology and infrastructure that will help our economies thrive and keep our planet safe.

The thriving network of AmChams and companies represented here tonight are ideally positioned as nonpartisan organizations to be the bridgebuilders between governments and businesses on both sides of the Atlantic. AmCham Bulgaria is one of the many that do extraordinary work to smooth the way for transatlantic cooperation…Tonight is a reminder of the commitment members of all AmChams share to invest their resources to strengthen the communities they work in and Europe as a whole. We’ll need that commitment – as well as our relationships with partners in both the public and private sector – to overcome the obstacles ahead.

We must not be complacent and take the transatlantic relationship for granted. The bonds between the US and Europe have been built over centuries, and now, it’s our turn to ensure they hold for the generations to come…That relationship is built not only in Washington and Brussels but in Sofia, Chicago and everywhere in between. Everyone, from government officials to businesses to private citizens, plays a role in strengthening our transatlantic ties. By speaking up for the relationship, wherever you are in the world, you bring us closer, economically, politically and culturally. Europe and the US are stronger together. Today, we need that unity to defend human dignity, the rule of law and democracy across the continent.”

About AmChams Europe

AmChams in Europe serves as the umbrella organization for 46 American Chambers of Commerce (AmChams) from 44 countries throughout Europe and Eurasia.

The US and Europe are each other’s largest trading partners and make up the world’s largest and wealthiest market. In Europe they represent the interests of more than 17,000 American and European companies employing 20 million workers – account for more than $ 1.1 trillion in investment on both sides of the Atlantic.

As a bilateral voice of American and European companies, AmChams in Europe works to communicate the importance of the transatlantic economy in both Europe and the United States.