About AmCham

The biggest bilateral professional association between Portugal and USA.

About AmCham

“AmCham is the voice that unites the two sides of the Atlantic.”

Established in 1951, AmCham Portugal is a private, independent and non-profit business association whose main objective is to develop and facilitate economic and commercial relations between Portugal and the USA, on a basis of mutual interest.

With 71 years of existence and around 230 members, it is the biggest bilateral business association between Portugal and the USA.

As a relevant institution in the context of Portuguese society, it plays an active role in economic diplomacy.

AmCham supports American companies based in Portugal, and Portuguese companies that want to develop their activity in the American market, regardless of their size or sector of activity.

It is also a forum for business leaders, multinationals and national companies of greater importance in the national economy, where the sharing of knowledge and the exchange of ideas and experiences are privileged.

Develop and facilitate economic and commercial relations between Portugal and the USA on a basis of mutual interest.

To assert itself as the organization of excellence in the approximation, mutual knowledge and understanding between Portugal and the USA, contributing to the promotion of competitiveness, productivity and internationalization of the Portuguese economy and companies by stimulating investment and trade between Portugal and the USA . Also, promoting exchanges of knowledge, technology, innovation, talent and good business practices in an entrepreneurial culture and an innovative spirit.



  • Advocacy;
  • Bilateral relations;
  • Knowledge;
  • Networking;
  • Promotion.

Topics in Focus:

  • Technology and innovation;
  • AI, Data and Cybersecurity;
  • Energy Transition;
  • ESG;
  • Education and R&D;
  • Health and Biotechnology;
  • Tourism and Leisure;
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

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