Conheça algumas das historias de como as Empresas Americanas estão a ajudar

Informação da AmCham EU:

The global health crisis we face today is an unprecedented challenge for our society. Our member companies have taken immediate action to protect employees, but also to ensure, wherever possible, business continuity. American companies are committed to Europe and stand ready to help policy-makers as they steer the region through the crisis.

Our member companies are also doing what they can to help local communities in Europe and around the world. They contribute their skills, capacities and infrastructure to provide resources to respond to the crisis and support health workers.

Here are some of their stories:

  • 3M, GE Healthcare and Ford are working together to produce medical equipment to fight COVID19, including respirators, ventilators and 3D face shields.
  • Astra Zeneca donated 9 million face masks to healthcare workers around the world, accelerated in development and testing capabilities and works on expediting the identification of monoclonal antibodies to prevent COVID19
  • Boeing will put to use its 3D printing technologies to produce protective face shields to support healthcare workers. Boeing also supports COVID9 relief efforts by offering their Dreamlifter cargo plane to transport critical and urgently needed supplies.
  • Cisco is working to support the economic, education and healthcare challenges of COVID19, by providing free video conferencing solutions and free security offerings and advice on staying connected while social distancing.
  • The Coca Cola Foundation is contributing to support relief efforts in Canada, China, Italy and the United States by providing over $120 million in support of COVID19-related efforts.
  • Diageo will provide Grain Neutral Spririts (GNS) to hand sanitizer producers in Italy, the UK, the United States, and beyond. GNS is an ethyl alcohol normally used in the production of vodka and gin. This initiative should enable the production of more than 8 million 250ml bottles of hand sanitizer.
  • Ford is providing its press and fleet vehicles to supporting hospitals and health organisations, local organisations supporting elderly and vulnerable members of the community, pharmacies, government institutions and supermarket chains. Ford is also using 3D printing capabilities to produce face masks and protective materials, and is providing factories for use as corona drive in test centers.
  • GE Healthcare has doubled its capacity of ventilator production and entered a partnership with Ford Motor Company to build simplified ventilators to help treat COVID19 patients; the GE Foundation has pledged $1million to the COVID19 Solidarity Response Fund.
  • Google is partnering with the US government to develop an authoritative resource for COVID19 education, prevention and local resources.
  • HP Inc is transforming its 3D printing technology, expertise and capacity to deliver critical parts to support global efforts to battle COVID19. Over 1000 printed parts have already been delivered to hospitals and include face masks, face shields, mask adjusters, nasal swabs, hands-free door openers, and respirator parts.
  • IBM, Google, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Amazon and Microsoft are partnering with White House and the U.S. Department of Energy to create a COVID19 High Performance Computing (HPC) Consortium, an effort to provide access to 16 supercomputers, and to bring together expertise and computing capabilities to support fight against COVID19.
  • JP Morgan Chase made a $50 million global philanthropic commitment to address the immediate public health and long-term economic challenges, including grants to assist small businesses vulnerable to significant economic hardships in China, Europe and the United States.
  • Lockheed Martin has committed to donate $10 million to nonprofit organisations involved in supporting the COVID19 relief efforts. Lockheed Martin’s company corporate aircraft and vehicle fleet will also be used for delivering medical supplies and for use in logistics support. The company has additionally offered its facilities for crisis-related activities such as critical medical supply storage, distribution, and COVID19 testing.
  • LVMH will use its production lines of perfume and cosmetics brands to produce hand sanitizing hydroalcoholic gels, delivered free of charge to health authorities. LVMH also plans to contribute to the supply of over 40 million face masks and over 3 million protective masks for medical workers.
  • Pfizer is accelerating its works to develop a COVID19 vaccine while at the same time the company continues its relief efforts by supplying front line health workers with medicine and equipment – in Italy, Pfizer’s affiliate is making available, free of charge, €2.5 million worth of medicines and vaccines that can be used in prevention and management of serious consequences related to COVID19 in impacted regions.
  • P&G will donate $10 million in the form of personal health hygiene, household products, sanitizers and financial support to people in need. This includes providing at least 10,000 liters of hand sanitizers to 16 countries in Europe, and a donation of $1 million to support the work of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies’ COVID19 appeal, as well as European Red Cross Red Crescent societies.
  • S&P Global Foundation, charitable arm of S&P Global, will provide $2 million in funds to support global responses to COVID19 in the form of grants given to NGOs with focus on food scarcity, medical supplies and general COVID19 response.
  • UiPath is employing software automation to help overcome the issues caused by COVID19; among many others, this helps in accelerating COVID19 testing and automating the results.
  • UTC made a commitment to provide 19,000 masks, 75,000 pairs of gloves, and 3,000 medical trade Tyvek suits to support COVID19-related efforts. Collins Aerospace based in France has additionally sent 5,000 face masks to China.