Ethics in AI: building a common European (and global) approach

AmCham EU ethics guidelines in AI.

The European Commission has set an ambitious vision to foster the deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI). At the same time, the pervasive and transformative nature of AI has brought questions about transparency, explainability and accountability to the top of the EU digital policy agenda. Addressing these important questions is the responsibility of industry and governments alike and requires a strong public-private partnership.

AmCham EU has been engaged in discussions on developing ethics guidelines in AI and recently submitted its response to the European Commission’s High-Level Expert Group (HLEG), available here.

The HLEG addresses the important topics of ethics and policy through an inclusive and multi-disciplinary approach. Its objective to issue guidelines on ethics in AI that are actionable and proportionate is the right way forward to encourage companies to adopt a responsible and ethical approach to AI.

AmCham EU supports a human-centric framework for AI that is:

  • Proportional, risk-based and flexible because AI is not a monolithic technology – its ethical risk changes drastically depending on its use and context;
  • Holistic, including high-level principles, best practices, voluntary and industry-driven standards and existing regulation